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Louis J Zmich: Welcome


My Skills & Experience


I am an Assistant Professor of Marketing at The University of Tampa.

My published work can be found in academic peer-reviewed journals like the Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Journal of Marketing Education, and the Journal of Selling.


I received my Marketing Bachelors and Management Information Systems Masters from Northern Illinois University (NIU) and my Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) from Louisiana Tech University. While at NIU, I was the Marketing and Social Media Intern for the College of Business for three years and interned at Apex Energy Solutions as a Junior Sales Partner for two years.


My research interests comprise three broad categories (1) Social Media & the Influencer–Sponsor Selling Relationship, (2) Salesperson Influence Tactics & the Behavioral Change Associated with Digital Media, and (3) the Personal Selling & the Salesperson–Customer Dyadic Relationship. 


I plan to work, research, consult, and produce knowledge in these categories, (or other) categories, in the years to come. It is the research element that drives my passion for the doctoral program and higher education in general.


However, as a sales and marketing academic, the classroom setting has always brought excitement and a sense of discovery as new knowledge is presented to young professionals looking to make a difference in this world.


Apart from academia, I am passionate about website and media creation, along with physical forms of art, be it vinyl, cassettes, film photography, painting, and home-brewing. I also enjoy hiking, backpacking, and traveling the world, experiencing new cultures.


Here are the highlights


Professor of Marketing

My published work can be found in academic peer-reviewed journals like the Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, Journal of Marketing Education, and the Journal of Selling.


Active and Engaged

I am an active reviewer for The Journal of Selling and I review for conferences like The Academy of Marketing Science, and The American Marketing Association. I have volunteered as a graduate worker at annual and international AMS conferences. I also volunteered as a board member for the community Ruston Farmers Market


Flipped Learning

I am active in teaching sales classes within the UT Institute of Sales Excellence, specifically, personal selling. I heavily leverage technology and the flipped classroom method of learning to co-create value in the classroom thorough hands-on role plays with community business owners.


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Sep 2018 - May 2022

Louisiana Tech University, College of Business. Department of Marketing and Analysis.

DISSERTATION TITLE: "What do Facial Products Have to do With a Waterfall? The Role of Remoteness, Social Comparison, and Envy in the Purchasing Effectiveness of Sponsored Product Social Media Content."

Successful Dissertation Defense Date: March 31st, 2022

DISSERTATION COMMITTEE: Dr. Laura Flurry (Chair), Dr. William Locander, Dr. Julie Moulard, Dr. Mark Groza

ABSTRACT: Advertising has gone from magazines to television, and now social media. However, unlike the robust advertisement literature, the influencer marketing literature has not caught up to explain how social media sponsored content can perform its best. While companies rely on follower count and interaction (i.e., likes) to determine who to partner with, the need for clarity on how to best predict digital advertisement success is needed. This study brings the literature of advertising and cognitive psychology and applies the associative memory, visual persuasion, and remote conveyor theories in the influencer marketing context. This study specifically looks at how creativity through remoteness in sponsored social media images affects purchase intentions and upward social comparison. This study then reaffirms the literature relationships between upward social comparison and purchase intentions through envy, while establishing a psychological boundary condition of self-esteem. Between two studies, this dissertation tests the conceptual model through fabricated Instagram posts, and with the partnership of a lifestyle influencer and their following.


  • Society for Marketing Advances: Doctoral Consortium Fellow Nomination (2019): Louisiana Tech University

  • Harold & Muriel Berkman Charitable Foundation Scholarship Award (2019) Louisiana Tech University

August 2017 - May 2018

Northern Illinois University, College of Business. Department of Operations Management and Information Systems.

Accomplishments: Learned to code websites using C++, Visual Basic, HTML 5, and R.

Projects: Coded my own website, and began designing websites for clients.

August 2017 - May 2018

Northern Illinois University, College of Business, Department of Marketing.

Minor: Social Entrepreneurship


  • Planey Family Future Outstanding Alumni Award (2017): Northern Illinois University

  • Dr. Robert Peterson Professional Selling Award (2017): Northern Illinois University


Current & Past Roles

August 2023 - Current

● I currently teach the Professional Selling and Sales Management course within the Sykes College of Business Institute for Sales Excellence. Additionally, I routinely teach Principles of Marketing and Marketing Strategy. 
● Within the Institute for Sales Excellence, I travel with our UT sales students to coach and mentor them as they compete in both regional and national competitions. 

August 2019 - Current

● Work closely with small businesses, providing guidance on marketing materials, social media strategies, website coding, and search engine optimization strategies
● Volunteer to teach various social media strategy classes within the local community, assisting small businesses with their various marking needs

September 2018 - May 2023

Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA 

● Collaborate with professors and doctoral students on the development and execution of academic research projects

● Develop proficiency in quantitative analysis, marketing theory, and research methodology


June 2017 - July 2018

Northern Illinois University
● Work with professors on the development and execution of academic research projects
● Learn the intricacies and nuances of research while offering feedback on peer-reviewed conference and journal submissions
● Coauthor on two projects that have led to submission to marketing conferences


June 2017 - July 2018

Northern Illinois University
● Conducted student roleplays for the Principles of Selling course
● Worked with professors to examine, grade, and provide feedback on student’s work
● Offered input to the development of in-person and online marketing courses


May 2016 - August 2016

Apex Energy Solutions

● Used leading technology to profile neighborhoods and speak with various homeowners

● Provided a professional, passionate, and ethical sales environment for the homeowner

● Canvassed and helped sell $150,000, as an intern, over the three 2016 summer months

December 2015 - June 2017

Northern Illinois University
● Published articles on all four of the College of Business social media pages, while also reporting the analytical data from those outlets to the university on a monthly basis
● Spearheaded the Student Voices Blog and conduct interviews from NIU student profiles
● Worked autonomously and with a team of social media personnel to complete timed weekly tasks


Competence & Aptitude



My marketing research revolves around the sales discipline. Within that domain, I study social media influencer sales tactics, B2B influence tactics, and sales e-communication technology. I use that research to drive my class integrations, and have manuscripts published in journals like the Journal of Business Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Journal of Selling, and the Journal of Marketing Education. 



I design, edit, and publish websites for small businesses using templates and code. I have transitioned both classes and stores to an online format that help increase efficiency and engagement.



For two years I held the role of Doctor of Business Administration Association President. In addition, I was the Chair of DocSIG through the American Marketing Association. I now serve on the HigherEd SIG and work with students as the Chapter Advisor for The University of Tampa's Delta Sigma Pi chapter. 

"LOVE this class! I am a design major marketing minor and Louis made sure that us design students had examples of marketing in our fields and he had guest speakers that spoke as well and answered questions for us. I loved this class so much. I was thinking about changing my minor out of marketing but this class has made me want to continue with marketing because he made it so fun and so informative. He was very accommodating during covid, and he made a point to learn our names and our interests. This has been my favorite marketing class and would love to take more classes offered by professor Louis."

Student comment from Personal Selling (MKTG 307)


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(813) 257-3969

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